Which Type Of Juicer Gives You The Most Bang For The Buck?

While centrifugal juicers may be exceptionally fast machines, they are not the most efficient. The key to juicing is to be able to get the most nutrients and liquid out of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you use. The pulp should be dry at the end which means that nothing has gone to waste. This is something that centrifugal juice extractors are less proficient at.

Masticating juicers, on the other hand, perform extremely well to extract as much juice as possible, especially with leafy greens. If you looking to juice green vegetables then a masticating juicing machine is going to be your best option. It may be a higher initial investment as these types of juicers tend to be more expensive, but they pay for themselves over time with their efficiency and high juice yield.

Advantages of a Masticating Juicer

These type of juice extractors work by using pressure to squeeze and “press” juice out of the pulp of the fruit or vegetable you drop into the machine. They have an auger, it kind of looks like a big screw, that pushes food along and grinds and breaks it up. At the very end of the tube is where immense pressure is built up and applied to what is being juiced. The juice is usually forced out of a small opening and the dry pulp is then extracted separately. This method may be slower, but it has many advantages that make this a perfect choice.

Juice Yield & Efficiency

If you plan to juice a lot you are going to end up buying a lot of fresh produce from your grocery store or farmer’s market. Naturally you want to get the absolute most out of what you buy. You do not want to waste anything and this is where having a masticating juicer will produce the greatest benefits. From carrots to kale, these types of machines are able to remove the most amount of juice and they leave a very dry pulp.

It takes a lot of veggies and fruits to make one glass of juice, think how much you will buy over the course of the year. Now imagine having a higher percentage of that getting not getting fully juiced by a centrifugal juicer. It adds up and it will end up costing you money. Juicing with a masticating juicer is simply the most efficient use of your resources.

Leafy Greens

This is another huge advantage. If you look into the pulp catcher of centrifugal juicer after trying to juice spinach, kale, or cabbage you would most certainly find larger chunks of shredded leaves that simply did not get juiced. The centrifugal action is not ideal for juicing leafy vegetables. You might have to end up running the pulp back through the machine two or three times before you gave up trying to juice it to its fullest.

Conversely, masticating machines are the best type of juicers for leafy greens. The pulp is extremely dry and it is not shredded at all. Nothing goes to waste. If you want to get into juicing to take advantage of what green juice can offer, then you need to have the right type of juicer.

Quiet Juicing

If you are bothered by loud small appliances, then you will also be rewarded by getting a masticating model. These machines produce a lot less noise since they run at a much lower RPM than centrifugal juicers. While one sounds like a jet engine, the other will be a lot more pleasant on the ears and it will not wake everyone in the house.

Not Perfect

There is always some give and take when trying to find the ideal juicer for your kitchen. Some what might make masticating machines less appealing include;


There generally going to be more expensive up front, but if you stick with juicing it will pay for itself in the end. Brands like Omega offer 10 or 15 year warranties that help offset the concern about paying a higher price. Most centrifugal machines come with 1 or 2 year warranties.


These are not the fastest moving machines. The one advantage of centrifugal juicers that makes them so appealing is how fast they can juice. It will take a little more patience to run a masticating model every day, but the improved quality of the juice should make it worth it. However, if you are not a patient person then this may not be the best option for you.

Popular Brands

Omega is the most popular maker of masticating juicers. They have a wide selection of machines that get very high ratings from owners. This is probably the most recommend brand when it comes to this type of machine. Kuvings, Tribest, and Champion are also worthy of consideration for the quality of the masticating juicer offerings. Stick with the name brands that have a proven track record with users and you cannot go wrong.

Slow And Steady

If you wish to juice a lot of healthy greens, and you are looking for something that gets the absolute most out of the produce you buy, then having a masticating juice extractor is the best way to go. The newest juicer reviews at Turnagaintimes can give a nice head start on finding a juicer perfect for your kitchen. Having a little patience will give you a greater amount of juice in your glass that is of a higher quality. Speed isn’t everything, slow and steady wins every time, at least in this case it does.