Top Convertible Car Seats That Dazzle In 2017

A new year means new reviews for some of the most important products that we use every day. For moms and dads this includes car seats that are responsible for not only keep our kids safe and secure but also allow us to focus on the road instead of our back seat.

There are an almost overwhelming number of options out there that can make the whole decision process a little confusing for parents. With that in mind here are some of the top convertible child seats to consider in 2017.

Best All In One Seats

Why buy three seats when you can buy just one? The new trend is to get one seat that can be used for infants all the way to young kids. If you are looking for something to take the place of an infant, booster, and convertible seat then these are your best choices.

Graco 4Ever Convertible Safety Seat

With a refresh on the calendar the Graco 4Ever is currently rated as the best convertible car seat 2017. Its has premium safety features but what makes it so appealing and why it is ranked so high its incredible lifespan. Here are some reasons why it is such a great option:

  • 10 year lifespan – It can protect your child no matter their size as it is built for kids 5 to 120 lbs.
  • Versatility – It can act as an infant, convertible, or booster seat.
  • Two cup holders – Experienced parents know how important this feature is.
  • Exceptional protection – Tested and meets safety requirements and it usually exceeds them.
  • Easy to wash – With a 10 year lifespan it better be easy to maintain and washable materials and seat padding makes it a breeze for parents.
  • Easy to install – Designed for parents to easily install securely and quickly in just about any back seat.

The more you look around at different car seats the more that you realize just how well thought of the Graco 4Ever is. It gets high ratings from kids and parents alike.

Diono Radian R100

Diono is another reputable brand when it comes to high quality convertible child seats. Their Radian line of seats has been highly regarded for years and the R100 is a shining example of why.

  • Flexibility – While it does not have as high of a weight limit as the Graco 4Ever it is rated for kids from 5 to 100 lbs. Using a booster seat is vital to protecting your children when they get too big for a traditional convertible seat and the R100 can handle this admirably with its configuration.
  • Narrow Stance – This is one of the best options for families that need to use 3 seats at once.
  • FAA Certified – Diono also makes great seats for air travel. This is another area where having a narrow footprint comes in handy. It is also able to fold in half for easy transport and storage.
  • Excellent Protection – You should not have to worry about skimping on the level of protection that your child gets riding in the car with this particular seat. Its safety features can stand up with the rest.

This is one of our favorite convertible safety seats that we use in a smaller vehicle. It has a tall and skinny stance that makes it easier to install.

Evenflo Symphony DLX

This is another great alternative for parents looking for an budget friendly all-in-one safety seat. Evenflo has made a name for itself by making less expensive stuff for kids that is also high quality. They Symphony DLX is one of their newest entries into the all in one category.

  • Two cup holders – This has nothing to do with safety but it will save you a lot of hassle when you are behind the wheel.
  • Medium Flexibility – It falls in between the previous two car seats on our list as it is recommended for children 5 to 110 lbs. This will still provide you with years of tremendous and worry free service for your family.
  • Fast Installation – No one likes to fidget with trying to install their child’s seat and the Symphony DLX has been specifically designed for easy installation. They claim that it can be securely fastened in around 60 seconds which is extremely appealing.
  • Side Impact Protection – Evenflo also integrates their own technology that they claims can reduce the forces from a side impact by up to 50%. This seat has some advanced features that should help shield your children at the highest levels.

This particular model is a great investment that should provide you with terrific overall value. It does have a wide footprint so it may not be ideal for car with small back seats, however. At this price point it is worth a closer look.

Advantages of All In One Child Seats

Child car seats can be expensive and with everything that end up spending money on, getting just one seat that can do everything for you is going to save your wallet some strain. Instead of buying separate infant, convertible, and booster seats, buying just one extremely versatile and flexible seat makes sense. These are three of the better convertible seats that we have come across and they should serve you well going into the new year and beyond.